VAMJ’s statement on the Katie Orndoff case

VAMJ has issued the following statement:

A woman’s rights were grotesquely violated in a court of law and we demand justice.

The legal system must be devoid of malevolent judges. The days of lawmakers inserting  dangerously misguided and out of touch judges in the Virginia courts are over. Richmond are you listening?

This is a travesty of justice and it is a clear example of how cannabis laws create the opportunity for diabolical extra-judicial overreach. This judge was looking for a reason to mess with this woman, and as we see time and again with arrests and prosecutions, cannabis law is a convenient tool for those who seek to use their power to achieve their personal unscrupulous and excessive agenda.

We can see he isn’t taking this seriously. He’s cracking jokes and trying to gloss over his behavior. It’s clear he doesn’t grasp the extent of his judicial overreach. He is unapologetic on the day he needed to make an apology.


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